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Find a quiet room with soft lighting, light some candles put on some soft music to create a romantic atmosphere.

Read the story slowly savoring each part, then lie back close your eyes and relive the story in your imagination. Let your hands fulfill all the needs of your body and spend time pleasing yourself.

Have your partner sit by the bed and not be allowed to touch you until you have achieved your first orgasm, most men find watching a huge turn on and even greater when you enjoy the story with a girl friend, but be prepared to see what happens next!





















































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Nothing can compare to the experience we had on our vacation to a remote Island with my wife of 18 years. Last year in ten days we were introduced to a whole new way of expressing our sexuality. The past year has been wonderfully varied. And now, just a week since returning from our second visit I feel compelled to share our story.

Give me a ayoung man I will ake him an experienced man!Mistral's 35 Short Stories Collection 5.00

The Most Erotic Sensual Stories Written, 35 stories, 195 pages of delicious erotic sex!

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Dreaming of my lover

Mistral: A woman evolves £2.00

Tim’s eyes ran up my legs under the skirt and then looked up into my eyes and said simply “You are a beautiful girl would you be insulted if I told you that I want to take you into my bed I feel the need to be deep inside you?”

Stunned at his honesty I could not help myself, I slid off the sofa opening my top exposing those pert expectant nipples and leant against Tim and said “Show me what a real man can do” Tim softly nibbled my lips and slowly opened up into a full probing kiss very gently he worked into my mind and my mouth. Hands caressed over my back then down between the cheeks of my buttocks, fondling gently rather than legs turned to jelly and my swelling vulva yearned to be filled....
The content is very adult.

Readers Comment: A wonderful read that had me thinking about myself and getting very hot

Anne's Story

Anne's sexual awakening £2.00


Mistral smiled and said, “Tim she wants the fantasy to come true I am going to join them.”
“What?? You can’t just do that” Tim stuttered in disbelief.

Mistral slipped from their bed naked and walked across the patio to the other room the moonlight highlighting her womanly shape. Tim waited for the screams or an argument to start. To his amazement only the sounds of sex continued.......
The content is very adult.

Readers Comment: I loved it Anne is a woman after my own heart, certainly woke up my desires.

sea lounger

Caribbean Holiday £2.00 - Best Seller!


Jack surprised me by suggesting that we should go to a resort in Jamaica for our annual holiday. It was a surprise because last year after some 20 years of marriage we decided to push our sexual boundaries forward by experimenting with another guy.

"Good," He kissed me tenderly. "Have fun with the him, it's OK by me."
The content is very adult.

Readers Comment: Mind blowing sex oh where does this Island exist? The best "All Inclusive" holiday on the market.

Mistral in Thailand Story 1 2.00

Thailand adventure

“OK” I said too content to care. I closed my eyes again and felt the two girls hands working up my inner thighs and the top pair parting the cheeks of my bum working round into the crack that hides my female jewels.

There was nothing to do but gently open my legs and let them work as they would, a drizzle of oil ran around by anus followed by an inquiring finger which rubbed me into a state of excitement. The other pair of hands was now up inside my thighs working against the outer lips of my pussy. I had to roll over so I could pinch my nipples while they worked me to ecstasy.

Readers Comment: What a way to spice up your love life!

Mistral's Thailand Adventure Story 2 2.00

Thailand adventure



A lazy afternoon replenishing my batteries and that evening we dined well and hit the sack early, a cuddle together it is always wonderful to feel the length of his body against mine.
The content is very adult.

Readers Comment: Thailand for us next year!

Sally's Fantasy Fulfilled £2.00 - Extreme Sex

sultry sun bather



Kevin and Mistral watched in disbelief, this side of Sally was unknown to Mistral. Kevin sighed and said “Mistral have you never seen her like this?”
The content is extremely adult.

Readers Comment: Very strong sex that few women would dare or would we? I hate the double standard we all keep, this is the ultimate satisfaction.

Getting Caught Out - Well Almost! £2.00 - Wicked adventure

getting caught



Film finished and Susan said to me "That was a steamy scene at the party wouldn't you just love to join in and be one of them!" A hesitant silence followed, Tim and I just looked at each other a little uncomfortable, the silence gained a retort from Susan "You are swingers aren't you? You have tried that!"....
The content is very adult.

Readers Comment: What a wonderful sexy story, who could refuse to join in?

Debbie and Peter £2.00

Debbie and Peter

My wife and I work for the same company, and 3 weeks ago we went on a Team Building course in Devon. We were both excited about it as it would be great fun, plenty of exercise, drinking and socialising! I knew that I would be expected to perform a lot as my wife is a sexual smoldering volcano, whenever red wine and attractive people are involved she behaves like.....The content is very adult.

Readers Comment: Debbie is a tease and a harlot but don't you just love her for it!

Swinging Tall Ships £2.00

swinging tall ships


So the chat came around to "Do you fancy a sail on a tall ship?" "Do you fancy a sail on a swinging tall ship?" "Yes! Lets all go together and see if we can turn an adventure into a swinging adventure?" So it was a done deal and here we all are waiting to aboard her.....The content is very adult.

Readers Comment: Adds a new meaning to getting high on sex

Greg & Susan's Party £2.00

greg and Susan




Today is the day of Greg and Susan's party, after that fabulous weekend we spent with them I really could not wait for tonight I recalled Greg, that lean tall fit man, his energy and sense of humour. The way he could look deep into my eyes making the warmth spread down my body moistening my garden of eden....The content is very adult.

Readers Comment: Back for more with Greg and Susan, I felt I was there with them

Halloween Private Party £2.00

Haloween Party



Congratulations. You along with only a few other Guests are invited to a private costume Halloween Event tonight. You do not want to miss this once in a lifetime offer. We hope to see you....The content is very adult.

Readers Comment: Dracula Look out I am coming as well!,

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